It’s the Fall-iday Season!!

October is here and we all know time speeds up from here to the end of the year, right?!? 🤪

In anticipation of the upcoming season Pomifera will be releasing 14, yes, 14 new products! In addition they will also be releasing items that will be perfect for gift giving because no one wants facial scrub from their relative! Stay tuned for more details!

Pomifera also announced their October Happy Hour!! You do not want to miss this!!

You read that right! For the month of October you can partner with Pomifera and join my fabulous team for only $69!! Here’s the low down…

This is an incredible opportunity for anyone! Men, women (skin care is for EVERYONE!), stay at home parents, full time workers (that’s ME!), retirees! There is not one person who couldn’t make this opportunity work for them. I am using this as a building block to my retirement and to have extra spending money along the way. Because of Pomifera, I was able to bring my hubby home from working in retail nearly 2 years before his retirement. If it can help me and my family, guess what, it can help you too! If you are interested, let’s chat! No obligation ever. ❤️

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