December Gift Guide – Under $25-ish

I know I say it every month, but can you believe it’s December? And although it came quickly, I must say it’s my most anticipated month of the year. Not only is it my birth month (NYE babe) it’s the month I take the most time off of my 8-5. It’s a time for rest, renewal and refocus that I look forward to every year. And of course it’s the holiday season which means gift giving! I love giving gifts, but I also know that means keeping within a budget. Here are some great items from all three businesses I partner with. I hope it gives you some ideas! Cheers!

Bath Bomb $9; Glow Up Body Scrub $27; Silk Body Milk $27; Hydrating Body Lather $24; Hydrating Body Lotion $24; Happy Salve $22; Body Butter Bar $14

Shop Pomifera
For the makeup lover!

Shop Seint
Perfume (also an Illuminator) $22; Multitasker Brush $22; Perfector $14; Line Brush $22; Eyeshadow Brush $18; Cleaning Tile $14; Smudge Brush $24; Brow Wax $18

Shop Seint
Nail Dashes and Lashes $16 or less!

Shop Red Aspen

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