And just like that…

Another year has come and gone. I’m a NYE baby so when you end the year, you REALLY end a year! I actually love it. A, there’s a party every year (because you never get one at school) and B. it’s a clean slate, more so than others. Now here I sit, at 51 and there’s much swirling around in my mind. Mostly about what I’m NOT bringing into 2022. Like worrying about things before they happen (anxiety), telling myself I look (insert self-degrading comment here), thinking I can’t, when I know I can but that I may fail (and that’s okay!) and I’m too (fill in the blank) causing overwhelm and more anxiety. I’m going to do the best I can with the time I’m given, because in the end…that’s all we got.

If you are new to Refined Common, welcome! I have created this site as a way to help others feel comfortable in the skin they’re in…big, small, dark, light, young, old, we’re all made in the image of One greater than us. Part of that is offering quality skincare that is made in the USA and literally farm to face. Pomifera takes hedge balls found on farms in Iowa and transforms this once useless fruit into an oil that is combined with vegan ingredients that is made into fabulous soaps, lotions, oils, and serums (and coming soon…HAIR CARE!) Simple. Honest. Humble. is their motto and they are just that.

This January they are offering $20 off of their Business Box. If you are looking for a way to earn extra income (who doesn’t need that these days?!?) I would love to have you on my team! If you’d like more information visit www.ppspartnerprogram.com for more information.

I also offer Seint cosmetics because well, they’re simply the best! When you start aging your skin starts changing. What used to look great on your skin in your 20’s, no longer works. Seint uses cream makeup that is hydrating and looks great on aging skin. It’s also a game changer for those of us with problematic skin (ahem, that would be me). It’s the reason why I sell it, because IT WORKS! It covers my redness like a dream and it was a game changer for my self-esteem. If you are ready for a whole new look, a whole new you, I would love to provide you with a customer color match. Visit my Services site to get yours!

And finally, every year Seint hosts an Artist birthday party on Instagram @seintsandangels, and you’re invited! Come see what Seint has to offer and what being an Artist is all about.

Welcome to Refined Common, I wish you all the happiness 2022 will bring!

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