Spring Has Sprung!

Well, not quite here in Michigan but the calendar says so! There’s a lot going on this month but not all business. April marks my son’s 18th birthday! This is crazy to me, that 18 years have passed and that he is now “technically” an adult. While this is typically bitter-sweet for most parents, it… Continue reading Spring Has Sprung!

Fabulous February!

Even though we’re in the dead of winter February isn’t such a bad little month. After all, there’s Valentine’s Day…aaaannndddd that’s about it. 😏 But I’m here to bring you exciting news to add to the day of love. Pomifera turns 2 years old and to celebrate they have rebranded all of their products and… Continue reading Fabulous February!

And just like that…

Another year has come and gone. I’m a NYE baby so when you end the year, you REALLY end a year! I actually love it. A, there’s a party every year (because you never get one at school) and B. it’s a clean slate, more so than others. Now here I sit, at 51 and… Continue reading And just like that…

Body Butter Bars

Scents! They’re everywhere! But not all of us care for them. They can cause headaches or even worse, migraines. Those who are on the Autism spectrum or have sensory issues may be trigged by them. And men in general just don’t care to smell like they stepped out of a beauty store (you know who… Continue reading Body Butter Bars


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