April Showers Bring May Flowers

May brings many things, warmer weather (we HOPE!), along with special holidays and celebrations. It also means spending more time outdoors! Whether BBQs, beaches, or bonfires, breaking out of our homes and enjoying nature is the hallmark of Spring and makes one anxious for long Summer days.

But of course spending time outside means facing the elements, namely sunburns, cuts, and scrapes. Pomifera has you covered! Heal: Body Oil is a household staple and is our Happy Hour of the month! Use it for anything Mother Nature can throw at you. This all natural dry oil is made with Pomifera, Jojoba, Sunflower, and Grapeseed, and is perfect for anyone from infants to the elderly.

Seint is also getting ready for warmer weather by releasing a new limited edition Lip+Cheek for their Shade of the Month! Introducing Audrey! A beautiful pink in a satin finish, perfect for anyone!

And of course May brings Mother’s Day. Below are a few suggestions for her special day and they would also make perfect gifts for graduations, showers, birthdays and more!


Spring Has Sprung!

Well, not quite here in Michigan but the calendar says so! There’s a lot going on this month but not all business. April marks my son’s 18th birthday! This is crazy to me, that 18 years have passed and that he is now “technically” an adult. While this is typically bitter-sweet for most parents, it has another edge to it when your child has Autism. Unlike most 18 year olds who are graduating high school and going off to college, my son will be back at school again for another semester (hopefully). Once he does eventually graduate, he has decided college is not for him. And I’m okay with that. I look forward to see where God leads him because I know once he finds his passion, he’ll soar.

Spring also brings Easter and Mother’s Day is on the horizon! It’s also the beginning of wedding season and I have TWO this year! With these in events in mind, here’s what’s happening here at Refined Common!

Pomifera – our Shampoo and Conditioner was released in February and a 4 MONTH SUPPLY sold out in WEEKS! Because of that we have been out of stock for a bit, but we’ve been told that it will be BACK in April! I have been using it since release and I can testify to less hair loss and growth! But I’m not the only one…check it out!

Also, Pomifera’s Happy Hour of the month is almost too good to be true. If you have been looking for an opportunity to earn extra income, I encourage you to visit the link below and discover why Pomifera is a great opportunity for anyone!

Seint – Our Lip+Cheek of the Month is Lolli! This bright and sheer pink is so good for Spring and Summer. This is a buildable color and is great to layer on top of anything!

Seint is also releasing some pretty great Mother’s Day gifts that are perfect for any woman in your life! These are available to customers on April 15th!


Fabulous February!

Even though we’re in the dead of winter February isn’t such a bad little month. After all, there’s Valentine’s Day…aaaannndddd that’s about it. 😏 But I’m here to bring you exciting news to add to the day of love.

Pomifera turns 2 years old and to celebrate they have rebranded all of their products and released their first shampoo and conditioner!! So for their February Happy Hour they are offering a free 2oz. Hair Oil when you purchase both Shampoo and Conditioner. And don’t forget, with every $10 spent you get $1 in customer cash to spend on future purchases!

Also available from Pomifera for that special someone (or yourself) a special bundle of Mini-Bath Bombs, a Body Butter Bar, and a Happy Salve all infused with rose. 🌹

Makeup more your jam? Seint is featuring a Lip+Cheek every month. This month it’s Lovespell, of course! This beautiful glossy, purpley-brown is beautiful on any lip or cheek.

Seint also offers several pink and red Lip+Cheek shades perfect for anyone! Check out just a few in the video below! And if eyeshadows are more your jam, we have you covered there too. Make sure you follow me on Instagram @refined.common where I’ll be featuring different ones throughout the month!


And just like that…

Another year has come and gone. I’m a NYE baby so when you end the year, you REALLY end a year! I actually love it. A, there’s a party every year (because you never get one at school) and B. it’s a clean slate, more so than others. Now here I sit, at 51 and there’s much swirling around in my mind. Mostly about what I’m NOT bringing into 2022. Like worrying about things before they happen (anxiety), telling myself I look (insert self-degrading comment here), thinking I can’t, when I know I can but that I may fail (and that’s okay!) and I’m too (fill in the blank) causing overwhelm and more anxiety. I’m going to do the best I can with the time I’m given, because in the end…that’s all we got.

If you are new to Refined Common, welcome! I have created this site as a way to help others feel comfortable in the skin they’re in…big, small, dark, light, young, old, we’re all made in the image of One greater than us. Part of that is offering quality skincare that is made in the USA and literally farm to face. Pomifera takes hedge balls found on farms in Iowa and transforms this once useless fruit into an oil that is combined with vegan ingredients that is made into fabulous soaps, lotions, oils, and serums (and coming soon…HAIR CARE!) Simple. Honest. Humble. is their motto and they are just that.

This January they are offering $20 off of their Business Box. If you are looking for a way to earn extra income (who doesn’t need that these days?!?) I would love to have you on my team! If you’d like more information visit www.ppspartnerprogram.com for more information.

I also offer Seint cosmetics because well, they’re simply the best! When you start aging your skin starts changing. What used to look great on your skin in your 20’s, no longer works. Seint uses cream makeup that is hydrating and looks great on aging skin. It’s also a game changer for those of us with problematic skin (ahem, that would be me). It’s the reason why I sell it, because IT WORKS! It covers my redness like a dream and it was a game changer for my self-esteem. If you are ready for a whole new look, a whole new you, I would love to provide you with a customer color match. Visit my Services site to get yours!

And finally, every year Seint hosts an Artist birthday party on Instagram @seintsandangels, and you’re invited! Come see what Seint has to offer and what being an Artist is all about.

Welcome to Refined Common, I wish you all the happiness 2022 will bring!


December Gift Guide – Under $25-ish

I know I say it every month, but can you believe it’s December? And although it came quickly, I must say it’s my most anticipated month of the year. Not only is it my birth month (NYE babe) it’s the month I take the most time off of my 8-5. It’s a time for rest, renewal and refocus that I look forward to every year. And of course it’s the holiday season which means gift giving! I love giving gifts, but I also know that means keeping within a budget. Here are some great items from all three businesses I partner with. I hope it gives you some ideas! Cheers!

Bath Bomb $9; Glow Up Body Scrub $27; Silk Body Milk $27; Hydrating Body Lather $24; Hydrating Body Lotion $24; Happy Salve $22; Body Butter Bar $14

Shop Pomifera
For the makeup lover!

Shop Seint
Perfume (also an Illuminator) $22; Multitasker Brush $22; Perfector $14; Line Brush $22; Eyeshadow Brush $18; Cleaning Tile $14; Smudge Brush $24; Brow Wax $18

Shop Seint
Nail Dashes and Lashes $16 or less!

Shop Red Aspen

It’s the Fall-iday Season!!

October is here and we all know time speeds up from here to the end of the year, right?!? 🤪

In anticipation of the upcoming season Pomifera will be releasing 14, yes, 14 new products! In addition they will also be releasing items that will be perfect for gift giving because no one wants facial scrub from their relative! Stay tuned for more details!

Pomifera also announced their October Happy Hour!! You do not want to miss this!!

You read that right! For the month of October you can partner with Pomifera and join my fabulous team for only $69!! Here’s the low down…

This is an incredible opportunity for anyone! Men, women (skin care is for EVERYONE!), stay at home parents, full time workers (that’s ME!), retirees! There is not one person who couldn’t make this opportunity work for them. I am using this as a building block to my retirement and to have extra spending money along the way. Because of Pomifera, I was able to bring my hubby home from working in retail nearly 2 years before his retirement. If it can help me and my family, guess what, it can help you too! If you are interested, let’s chat! No obligation ever. ❤️